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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Get Auto Insurance Quotes Online Just in Time

Get Auto Insurance Quotes Online Just in Time

In order to ride a car with joy and safety, it is needed for you to opt for an auto insurance coverage. commits to bring you the best offers on car insurance rates. Just allow one of its live insurance agents to talk to you, find and compare insurance quotes to deliver the most acceptable rate and coverage. You can’t take the risk of choosing the lowest among auto insurance quotes unless it is right for you. connects you to an expert agent who can guide in the selection of insurance quotes online. So, get ready to apply for free car insurance quotes at as they will be delivered to you through an auto insurance agent.

Auto insurance quotes online with are secure as they are prepared by knowledgeable insurance agents.

You can apply and receive an online insurance quote from with the following steps

  1. Browse for contact a live agent form.
  2. Enter your name, email, and contact number.
  3. Get an agent to discuss your auto insurance requirements.
Online auto insurance rates from Jitinsurance include many features that can add to your excitement of getting a perfect deal, such as:

  • Special discounts – The auto insurance agents at Jitinsurance will tell you about many special discounts. If you will qualify for any of them, the agent will point it out.
  • Online support – If you need more details on a particular coverage plan, you can speak to the agent through email or over phone. The agent will immediately respond so that you can get support in a timely manner.  
  • Compare insurance quotes – When auto insurance quotes are delivered online, gives you the option to compare insurance quotes and choose the best rate among them. If you find the delivered quotes to be unsatisfactory, just tell the agent about that and ask him to suggest a few more online auto insurance quotes. He will oblige and produce them immediately.

If you have recently started searching for insurance quotes online, Jitinsurance has expert agents to lessen your efforts. Ask for their help now!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Auto insurance quotes: How to purchase an auto insurance policy?

E-commerce and ease of online marketing have allowed the birth of countless auto insurance firms and dealers. It is good in one way, since a potential client has greater options before him and he can get more lucrative deals. This helps even the financially less capable men to get coverage for their automobiles. But the minor disadvantage is that some people are just not familiar or knowledgeable about different insurers and not very aware of the risks involved in the trade. Dishonest dealers also exist in some realms. But the most challenging task is to find that perfect insurer who can provide you the maximum benefits.

Getting auto insurance quotes is no big deal. Almost all the websites will willingly offer you free quotes. Those who are hesitant to do so are not reliable and so you should log out off their site immediately. You can go on checking these quotes provided by hundreds of companies and then even try to make comparison. But since they may just differ marginally, it would still be difficult for you to come to a confident conclusion. It is true that everyone recommends that you compare insurance quotes to segregate the expensive from the cheap. 

But that is not the only yardstick of judging feasibility of a policy. Security and long-term benefits also need to be looked upon. One of the most prior things which you should consider is the insurer’s reliability and trustworthiness. In case, the Company is a lesser known one and isn’t accessible all the time, or creates confusion in your mind about certain aspects, then you should walk out of it, even if its prices are very low. If the Company is a cheat, then its prices are going to be very low since that’s how it tries to grab the spotlight.

A trustworthy company does meticulous works and lays down a well-chalked out procedure. Not only does it offer auto insurance quotes, but it also provides you a catalogue of various automobiles with their varying rates (different vehicles usually come with different insurance costs). Furthermore, such companies do not shy away from providing you with additional tools and calculators to help you compare insurance quotes. Some insurers also provide ample incentives and reward points to keep you interested. Though, price negotiation is always on the cards, you can also avail periodic discounts. 

Even though your major two tasks should be to check the organization’s reliability and to compare insurance quotes, you must also go through the general opinion of the public towards the company. Online discussion panels give you a great chance to verify the authenticity of an organization and to see if its clients are fully satisfied or not. Some clients may have some grievances. You need to read them to see if they are general everyday complaints or something major to worry about. Web world truly offers every potential client a great opportunity to get the best auto insurance quotes and to figure out the various pros & cons of investing in a particular policy.

12 special tips to lower your auto insurance rates

Getting an insurance policy is thoroughly recommended for anyone who has got a car. It would be naïve of you to fret over the small premiums, since the benefits in the long run are too enticing to ignore. But before purchasing the policy, make sure to pay heed to these 12 special tips:

 i.             Few hours of searching: Sit before the computer when you have a few hours at hand. Then do intense searching and find out the best dealers, agents and companies offering auto insurance. This intense amount of research will easily help you get a greater knowledge of the quotes being offered by different individuals.

ii.                  Bundling: One most simple way of getting better bargains is to bundle your policies i.e. buy multiple policies. For instance, you can club your car insurance with a life insurance policy to get higher discounts.

iii.                Special privilege: Some organizations offer special privileges to people who are seniors or a member of some unions or alumni. Even students are offered low rates in a number of cases.

iv.                Payment mode: Some people prefer annual payment mode over the monthly ones. The former cuts down some clerical expenses for the insurer and thereby bring down the cost of the policy.

v.                Reviewing: Experts also advise that people should review their auto insurance on a yearly basis. This can prove to be beneficial in certain situations.

vi.          Higher deductible: A higher deductible would lower your premium cost. But this comes with additional burden on your pockets in case of an accident. Hence, it is recommended only if you are confident of your driving skills and are in a decent financial position.

vii.            Driving record: Your driving record also plays a role in deciding your insurance costs. If you have been involved in less number of accidents, then the insurer would have greater confidence on your driving skills and charge you lesser.
viii.            Getting the right coverage: Choose your coverage after proper deliberation. If the car is new and expensive, then you should go for higher coverage. On the other hand, if the car is old or cheap, then you can save on your expenses by taking just the basic coverage. 

ix.         Age factor: Age is a factor which plays a role in life insurance as well as in your automobile insurance. While in the former, the premium goes up with advancing age, in the latter it goes down with experience & seniority.

x.                 Making use of dashboard camera: If you can fit a dashboard camera in your vehicle, it can help you provide evidence of your competence as a driver lest you are accused of reckless driving.

xi.       Choose the car carefully: While buying the car, do your homework well. Some cars are less road-friendly and therefore more susceptible to accidents. Some expensive models also have higher theft records against them. These cars will, in all likelihood, raise your premium costs.

xii.            Install winter tires: Winter tires are considered safer and friendlier. By getting them installed, you can instill greater confidence in the mind of the insurer and avail cheaper auto insurance.

Insurance quotes online: 5 ways to reduce auto insurance cost

One cannot deny that the cost of living is going over the roof. Even the things of basic survival are getting expensive. Plus, there are problems of unemployment and economic recession plaguing the globe for quite some time. Under all these circumstances, every rational man thinks economically and tries to figure out ways to save money. The same is true for getting an insurance policy. Those who own cars must get it insured to reap future financial benefits. But since everyone is looking for cost-cutting, it is vital to buy a policy which will cost you the least.

Auto insurance policy comes with different levels of coverage. On some occasions especially if the car is new and pricey, then the cost of the insurance can be substantially high. But by doing a small amount of homework, you can minimize your premium costs. Experts have chalked down a few ways to help potential clients get the cheapest insurance quotes online. Here are a few suggestions:

i.              Figure out your custom requirement: It is very important that you figure out your specific requirement. Since, various policies provide a gamut of coverage, you should be careful so as not to overspend. Taking extra coverage which you won’t require will unduly inflate your insurance bills. On the other hand, if you do not provide sufficient coverage, then you are compromising with the protection. Auto insurance is all about making the best choice after considering the car’s age, price and model. If the car is more expensive and more valuable, then you go for greater coverage, or else you can provide it just the primary protection.

ii.                  Choice of company: The insurance company which you choose will have a direct bearing on your cost. A good and reliable insurer is going to charge you at fair rates and may also provide good discounts. On the other hand, if the organization is not much trustworthy, then you may lose your money or end up paying higher premium.

iii.                Add safety features to your car: Insurance quotes online are directly affected by the vulnerability of the automobile. If your car stands a greater chance of suffering from accidents and thefts, then the premium charged by the insurer will be higher. On the other hand, if you can install some additional safety kits, then you can make him to cut down costs for you. 

iv.                Get your driving statistics right: Your own personal driving record and statistics will also have a direct bearing on the cost of your auto insurance. A driver with higher number of accident cases against his name will find himself paying more for auto premium. So, if you can become a good driver and try to maintain a clean record, then the companies would be willing to sell you low-cost policies.

v.                  Instinct and deliberation: While choosing a company, you should sometimes go by instinct. You can also take help from blogs and review forums to judge an insurer’s authenticity. Deliberate thinking and smart weighing of pros & cons can eventually help you get satisfying and safe deals.

Health insurance: Plan for a secure and happy future

Disasters and accidents are part and parcel of our lives. There are thousands of roadside accidents and collisions that take place every year. Chances of injury or even death are quite high during such times. Plus, if you have a car and you meet with a collision, then your injury notwithstanding, the automobile itself may suffer from serious damage which may require expensive repair jobs. And then an average man has to battle so many ailments and diseases in his day-to-day life. All these unforeseeable chapters of our mundane life warrant that every person should get some form of insurance, depending on his individual need.

One of the most important of such policies is the health insurance. It is a kind of policy that is definitely going to come to your aid at some phase of the life. No man is immortal. And his mortality itself makes him vulnerable to diseases and disorders. A young person may think himself to be fit & fine. But even the fittest of men cannot totally escape the impending fate of death and doom. Diseases come uninvited and usually when we are least expecting them. Someone who appears fully fine may simply get a periodic checkup done and find, to his utter dismay, that he has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease or a lifelong disorder. 

In such an eventuality, every common man goes through multiple traumas. On one hand, you will be in utter shock & grief about the sudden upturning of your life. And secondly, as you plan to battle out of it, you will face financial hurdles. Having a health insurance policy by your side can be extremely comforting during such times. Going to sleep with the knowledge that you can put yourself under the best possible treatment without having to worry about the expenses can be a big relief. The insurance company stands by your side through thick & thin, and pays up for all the medical facilities, operation costs and treatment procedure. For instance, if someone has been diagnosed with a cardiac problem and needs an immediate open heart surgery, then the insurance company will bear all the expenses irrespective of the amount or the quality of medical service. 

Moreover, these days, it is very easy to get such policies at very cheap costs. By bundling it with an online auto insurance, you can kill two birds with one stone. While the online auto insurance shall provide protection to your car for any damage, theft or collision, the healthy policy will take care of your physical disorders. 

In case, you are young (in your 20s or 30s), then you can get a health insurance policy at very low premiums. This can be very advantageous since the policy will benefit you in the upcoming years. Some people never plan for the future and never invest in such policies. They will breeze along in their happy life and never think of such policies until and unless they are diagnosed with something big. But by then, you will already be diseased and you would have to pay a lot more to get such policies.

Online insurance quotes: 6 parameters of judging an insurance company

Car and men go hand in hand. Every man desires to own a car, whether new or old. If he is financially secure, then he may afford to get a brand new vehicle from a ritzy showroom. On the other hand, if he is not willing to invest so much at one go, then he may get a second hand or a used car for the time being. Irrespective of the price and age of the vehicle, you will do well to get it insured. It usually helps you manage your finances well. It is always best to pay a small sum for premium every year than to dole out a huge amount of money after an accident or theft.

Internet is your trustworthy window for getting online insurance quotes. But there are some parameters which serve as important yardsticks to judge an organization’s reliability. Here are 6 such parameters:

i.                    Price: A rational man looks for the lowest prices. Assuming that all other things remain the same, a company which offers lower premium rates will be preferred over its expensive rival. So, the first thing which you should do is to search the web world thoroughly for cheap auto insurance quotes. All major insurers provide free quotes with complete ease and speed. Besides, using catalogue tools, you can also find the individual premium rates for individual car models.
ii.                  Trustworthiness: If a company is offering the lowest rate but doesn’t generate enough confidence within you, then you should better let it go and choose some other insurer. Safety is a parameter of paramount importance. Amongst the various organizations offering cheap auto insurance quotes, the one which appears to be the safest is the one where you should invest your money.
iii.                Reviews and feedbacks: It is very important that you search the web thoroughly to go through the various feedbacks and reviews penned by people from all over the world about a particular insurance company. By going through them, you will get a general idea about the quality of services and about the trustworthiness of the company. A good company will have more positive reviews than negative ones.
iv.                Incentives and rewards: It would be nice if the insurer has the capacity to offer discounts, incentives and rewards. Though, this is their way to attract higher customers, it also reflects on their high enthusiasm, positive attitude and zeal to keep the clients satisfied. The online insurance quotes offered by them are also going to be pretty cheap.
v.                  Local goodwill: Ultimately, every sound company is going to enjoy some sort of local goodwill. Usually, the best organizations associate themselves with various local channels including repair shops and auction house. The word-of-mouth publicity which they generate will give you good vibes about the company.
vi.                Accessibility: Finally, a reliable company is one which not just tempts you with the best online insurance quotes but is accessible 24/7 through emails, telephone and ping chat boxes. Someone who is hard to reach must not be trusted because it will be hard to get your grievances addressed in the future.